Kristen Swift (Zullo) – Schenectady, New York New York


About a year ago I noticed this female appear on my husband’s Facebook page . I asked him about her and he she was messing with his little brother..well a week went by and things seems off and he was disappearing wrote her ..women to women and wanted the truth . She ignores the message like a coward. Him and I had a huge blow out he said he wanted to leave for a few days, well he has a history of cheating , my fault for taking him back. I told him it was all to clear and if he needed a few days he could take a perm leave . A week later while my son was asking for daddy it shows that they are together, she didn’t like I exposes her. Her friends of course stood up for her ..he knew he was married n was a scumbag but she also knew he was married and didn’t care , I found items of hers in MY car! Fun fact ..I met up with her husband!!! Apparently she was telling him she wanted to work their problems out..while she was hanging my husband . And from what word around the town is she’s a drug user just like hi., yet she’s an lpn. Apparently in ny u can use cocaine and still care for the elderly . So there they are happily together , he’s on the run from 4 felony warrants and she thinks she won’t a prize, little does she realize he’s already cheating on her

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