Kristi Michelle Lee Lane – Fredrick, Maryland Maryland


Hi guys! I’m here to warn u about this dirty b*tch right here. She’s a manager at Taco Bell on 40 in Frederick Md! She’s married with 4 kids and her oldest child is 16. My son who just turned 18 started working for the company in June. This woman is 39 the same age I am! She came on to my son and had sex with him telling him she’s going through a divorce and that the man is living with them because of the kids! My son is still a baby and only 2 years older than her daughter! This woman allows my unlicensed child to drive her car all the time and also hangs out with him after they are off the clock. She will texts employees looking for my son. She has my son come to work on his day off but can’t clock in. || She told my son that if he didn’t take the manager position she would cut his hours. She’s only trying to use my son to take that position so he’s stuck cleaning up her mess. Just this morning this bitch had the nerve to come to my house smoking weed and sitting around like a stupid ass teenager. I walk outside and told the bitch she was not welcome here and that she was my age old enough to be his mother! Go home to ur kids and husband I told her and I just had to throw in u dirty child molesting bitch take ur old ass home where u belong cause u aren’t welcome here. My next move is finding out who her husband is and contacting him. This lady does not have my child’s best interest at heart and she’s come across the wrong family! Sexual harassment in the work place is a crime and I will not stop til she leaves my son the f*ck alone. || Kristi u have issues ur twisted sick in the brain! Ur husband should takes ur boys and keep them away from u! U r 39 not 17 and u clearly have some mental issues. My 18 year old lives with me what can he do for u? He’s not grown yet! Smh all I wanna do is beat the living hell out of u but my best foot will go forward and I’m gonna expose u for the whore mongler u are! I’m gonna fuck up ur whole life for chasing my child around! He has 1 mommy not needing a second one! I hope ur husband realizes ur deeply mentally fucked up chasing after boys who work for u! Bitch u crossed this family wrong and ur gonna wish u never did! Oh yeah the whore is now chasing after my cousin who is working there too and she personally needs a physiological exam!

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