Kristin Davis Mcdonough, Georgia Georgia


So I have known Kristin for many years. I wouldn’t say we were friends. She knows I have never liked her. That being said her ex worked with me and he and I were close friends we never did anything we were just brother and sister. My husband and him began to get close also. Kristin was usually at home with their baby and her and my friend split up because she is a crazy whore and went off on my friendís dad. || My husband and I split last year and got back together June of 2012 we have been together since we were teens and married in 2010. We have a son and newborn daughter. Kristin has been in prison for this last year but recently got out. She was on Meth and stealing cars and shit like that her mother has custody of her baby because that shit obviously meant more to her than her child. Well last week I noticed my husband being freakishly weird about his phone and he was never like that before so I tried checking his Facebook and to my surprise he changed the password. Well I looked at his phone and he and Kristin had been messaging back and forth talking about how they wished they had f**ked back in the day and yada, yada, yada, it killed me.† I blocked her on his Facebook and deleted all of the messages, I then messaged her telling her to leave my husband alone that she knew we were married and she needed to respect that. Over 30 messages between us of me begging her not to break up my family and all she said was I’m not a homewrecker I am going to talk to whoever the f**k I want, got a problem with it talk to your husband. Well he unblocked her and has now been sleeping with his phone. I recently looked at it and they’re still talking! About her sending him pictures of her in a red bra and her finger in her ugh like damn! || This is one nasty Meth headed bitch! Keep her away from your man! She will try and be your friend but in the end all she wants is a new daddy for her baby! I don’t know what I am going to do now? All I want is my family back but I can’t sleep next to a man who wants to talk to another bitch, especially this nasty whore.

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