Kristin M. Travers – Booneville, South Carolina South Carolina


My husband of 12 years and father of my two kids had an affiar with this nasty girl Kristin M. Travers. She worked with him for about 3 weeks. Getting as close as possible and using her to get attention. She also played the poor me pitty card, cause no one can stand her, you don’t even gotta get to know her and you will hate her. She ruined her potential life in SC by screwing half the state while engaged and got run out of town and ran back to NH to her mommy and daddy. She slept with the person she cheated on her fiancé with the same night she slept with her fiancé, and brags and boasts like is something to be proud of. While she was sleeping around with my husband she was also screwing the bartender at the local club, and is still “engaged” to her ex in SC. 3 dudes one time. She was confronted by me and others about her situation with my husband and lied, and continues to lie like it never happened. She never slept with him she says. Yet the day after my husband had sex with her on MY couch he ran back to me and told me that it had happened. Not once, twice, but three times and a blow job. I told her fiancé about it all, but I believe that she persuaded him that it didn’t happen and they got back together. I will change that. Then this bi*ch has the nerve to order pizzas and have them delivered to my house. Then goes and puts a bogus restraining order on me (the entire thing she denied sleeping with him still) on thanksgiving day. When I’m the one who should have one on her. She then goes to court and stands before the judge telling him she wants to drop the order and that there is no need for it. WRONG AGAIN. Probably worst mistake she could make. Do urself a favor, get the hell out of this state like you did SC. No one likes or wants you. You are officially walking around with a bulls eye on your back, and I got the bow…

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