Kristina Dawn Travis – Villa Ridge, Missouri Missouri


First, my now ex-husband is just as guilty as her for telling her lies. However, they met a couple weeks after our wedding through a guy she was dating. My husband showed up at her house one evening looking for her bf but didn’t leave. They started spending time together when I worked overnight. I found texts on his phone between the 2 of them and confronted her. Stated she didn’t know he was married. However, she didn’t care. Didn’t try to end things with him. Said it was his choice to be with her. I begged, pleaded, and cried in person for her to stay away from him, tell him NO, but she didn’t. He and I had a terrible fight and she moved him in to her place. I know that drugs were involved on their part. She even tried convincing me that she was pregnant with his baby. They were “together” for 3 months before he ended things with her and begged to come home. Like i said, he’s just as guilty in this situation but as a woman she didn’t care that he had just taken vows a couple weeks before and that he and I had been together for over 2 years. DIDN’T CARE!

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