Kristina K. White – Rancho Mirage, California California


Warren Michael, age 55, got caught with Kristina K White, who turns 51 in August, in he and his wife’s home January 2016. His wife went off on both of them smacking him across the face and pulling a small handful of hair out of Kristina’s head. They are now living together in The Colony, a mobile home development in Rancho Mirage, California. She is a true slut, who at age 50 couldn’t keep or find a single man who would be interested in her, could it possibly be that she is limited in her ability to engage beyond the physical. Warren isn’t much to brag about either, since he has a history of not only cheating on his second wife but his first wife as well. So Kristina has a real winner, stupid woman, he’s probably already cheated on her.

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