Kristina Lucas – Brookston, Indiana Indiana


This person has known from the get go my husband was with me, was not ever going to leave me & we were on a rocky patch. He has told her shes never going to be with him, she convinced herself & everyone else they were together. She tried to convince my husband to deny our newborn child was his, talked about me mostly, tried to convince him to ditch us & that I was a hoe. She put out right away & is to this day still begging him to leave me & our two kids & let her move into his mothers house. He moved down to West Lafayette, IN & we were suppose to move down but she came into the picture I was going to leave until he said they didnt do anything. By the time he came back & we reconciled, the truth came out. Im shocked another female would have no problem sleeping with a married man & that quick, with a newborn & trying to convince him to ditch his own children. Watch out ladies, she is very desperate.

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