Kristina May – Westland, Michigan Michigan


This woman has absolutely no remorse for the pain she has caused, she knew fully well that our family had been going through hell fighting Cancer.. Our daughter has a rare aggressive for of brain cancer she works at my partners job and was fully aware of the situation.. She even paid for him to fly to Michigan from Florida so they could have an affair and she could cover as if he was at work.. She tried to be his shoulder to lean on since she had beaten cancer herself twice but all that even made her more shameful in my eyes.. My children we have 6 are destroyed as if their 4 year old sister going thru chemo wasn’t enough.. Anyone who has dealt with cancer knows the chaos and suffering involved with fighting this demon but to add insult to injury she started a long distance sexting thing that she was determined to make happen… I am disgusted not only at the lack of morality but the lack of professionalism in representing such a reputable company as Reliable Car Carriers… This definitely breaks their non fraternazation policy as well.. She and he have left an already struggling family broken in pieces now… what comes around goes around..

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