Kristina Miller-Paskel – San Tan Valley, Arizona Arizona


This women, Kristina Miller, destroyed the lives of  7 people.  It was a lifetime movie in the making. Picture this… an older couple buy a house together.  They move in with the women’s teenage daughter and get comfortable, they grow as a family.  Until one day the 20 something year old neighbor decides she is bored with her husband and wants some entertainment.  Knowing she has children and a husband she still decided to seduce the 50 some year old man who has a relationship as well . After having an affair that drove everyone in the situation crazy for almost 2 years it ended in tragedy.  During this time you could not even imagine the emotional turmoil everyone was subjected to.  The level of immaturity and lack of compassion that Esbon Paskel and Kristina Miller showed were evident in every action they took. Unfortunately for Mr. Miller’s family and his children the end result was death for Kristina’s husband. It ended in a standoff in which Esbon’s girlfriends daughter was almost shot, Esbon was injured and Mr. Miller took his own life. As if that was not enough the women that Esbon was in a relationship with forgave him and decided they could still live happily ever after because there was no way a man was going to continue a relationship that had such a tragic outcome.  The couple decided to try again and start fresh in a new state surrounded by new people.  They sold their house, moved to Arizona and after 2 months of rekindling their relationship he kicked her to the curb with no money or a way home.  Once the women and her teenage daughter were on their way back to Pennsylvania the man moved Kristina and her children to Arizona and married her. This all happened in a very short period of time and took everyone by surprise. How do people live with themselves knowing they were responsible for the death of a father of 4, someones son, a innocent man is dead because of the actions of two despicable human beings.  I hope that Karma catches up to them.  In my opinion they are going to do the same thing to each other, its just a matter of time, lets just hope it doesn’t end with anymore children suffering.

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