Kristina Musgrave – Lancaster, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania


This nasty slut sleeps with taken guys!!!!!!! She’s so disgusting and fat!!!!! We use to be best friends but she wanted to pull a stupid joke on my fb about some fat ass guy my husband doesn’t get along with. She’s claming this guy, she slept with recently named Don Miller is gonna be a father of her fake baby. || She claims he looks at her the wrong way and she gets knocked up. The guy she’s sleeping with with has a baby on the way and a girlfriend and she’s trying to make him leave her for this nasty whore! She sleeps with whoever gives her attention!!!!! She’s the most nasty women in the AV!!! This isn’t the first time she’s tried trapping guys, she also tried this with a Shawn Hurst and claimed she was pregnant but yet didn’t have any ultrasounds or wouldnt show proof of a positive result back from the doctors office. RUN AWAY FROM HER, SHE JUST MIGHT TRAP YOUR MAN !!!!!!!

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