kroger 2800 w bdwy lou ky LOUISVILLE Kentucky Review


The number of times I’ve caught kroger in error is numberous!I’d get to the store in the late evening, for example & find Apples, marked 99c,register $1:99 at check out!Late Evening: That means they’ve sold 1000s at 100% mark up!So they correct my error, 2 wks later I catch the same error!They correct mine, I,m one in a million, who watches, but they don’t CORRECT THE ERROR!Because that’s a “GIFT”” from the poor

Whom never watches the register!The poorer you are

the more you’ve got to do

while checking out!Watch them!Young boy charged me 14 dollars for 3 apples!Older woman charged me $13 for 3 tomatoes!Now I use U_SCAN.Seldom catch price disparity like I use to!Today I purchased 5 apples 99c per lb.Weighed 2 lbs at produce scales!At U-SCAN they weighed 2:73

COST $2: 73 cents!36 % mark up equates to a lot of money

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