Krotz Springs, Louisiana Steve Thibodeaux


Pathological liar, cheater, tranny chaser, thief, and gold digger! Cheated on loyal partner with numerous men, women, and transsexuals…to the extent that he was fired from two jobs for sexual harassment! I had my suspicious of infidelity when we went to have sex, his “hole” was so loose, I wouldn’t doubt he was getting fisted. There are bad, crazy people in the world…unfortunately I loved and trusted one if them. Steve Thibodeaux Jr. Worked for AT&T, fired for sexual harassment. Rack Room, fired, caught having sex in restroom. Burger King, fired for theft and using meth while on the job. Most recently, Billy’s Mini Mart, theft, and an coworker walked in on him playing with himself with a rather large item in his behind. His current victim, wallace Sam, also a cheater, hopefully will give him a taste of his own medicine, as he is still sleeping with women – but they probably are doing it together.

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