Krystal Johnson Bayonne, New Jersey New Jersey


My husband and I got married in March 10 2006, I thought everything was going great, we were happy in my eyes! We moved to Bayonne about 2007 and about 2008 my husband began to act anxious as if something was going on. I asked him on several occasion if something was wrong he kept replying no! Finally I broke down called my mother in law and pleaded with her to speak to her son that something was wrong with him but he just won’t tell me, she tells me that she will talk to him. || Later on that day he calls me and tell me that he wanted to talk to me about something. I already knew you see we all have women intuition and mine was on high alert, before he got a chance to tell me I was already telling him! I said”you cheated on me” he replied”yes but that not all” I said you got her pregnant?” He replied” yes and she already had the baby”. My heart broke into pieces he got her pregnant and we were trying to conceive a child I just wasn’t able to carry his child! He only told me her first name which I made him tell me it was Krystal! I put my inspector gadget suit on found out her last name and even found out where she lived! I decided to pay her a visit. I wanted to see what this chick looked like and of course I had a lot of questions that my husband was not answering! When I got there she already knew who I was! So obviously you knew that we were married! She said but he said you guys were having a lot of problems! Obviously she was one of the problems! I even took a picture out of him just to make sure we were talking about the same person and we were! Talking to her resolved nothing because as bitter and mad that I was so was she, he played both of us bad but she played herself because she knew that he was married and I guess she figured if she had his child and his first one at that, he would leave me but he didn’t want to be her. He described her as a chick he used to creep with while he was with all his other ex’s girlfriend and that she used to tail him around, I met her one time ago, I remember she ran out! But they said that she was just some chick so I didn’t put any thought to it! || At the end of the day she kept her child and my husband doesn’t get to see his child because her plans didn’t go the way she wanted! I forgave my husband but I’ll never forget I mean how can I? Things are not the same and they never will be! My husband and I now have three children together; I look at my kids’ everyday knowing that one day daddy will have to tell them about his lie. My kids love their dad so I know they will forgive him but will that little one that she won’t let him see forgive him for his absence in her life was it really worth a couple of second of sex that important where you tried to ruin people’s life’s that you never knew and that never did a thing to either one of you! || I’m not a women that is scorned I think that is what she is. I am a woman that has her guard up and has learned a lesson in life! I truly did trust my husband and I believe strongly that jealousy is a disease and when you have a great thing other women want it too!

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