Krystina Robblee and Benjamin Cram – North Conway, New Hampshire New Hampshire


Teenys (nick name) boyfriend Ben constantly popped up in my dms or in messenger saying he couldn’t stop thinking about me and he wanted to meet up again after our conversation it was clear to me that he wasn’t happy and she was trapping him with a baby. But not my place to talk I don’t care anymore. He wanted to be with me, Kelly, Monica, I could keep going. The day all the dirt surfaced she had been planning on cheating the whole time. It takes two to cheat not just one party. They are lying, manipulative, and shrewd. She has never had anything nice to saw about anyone let alone me, and yells and screams around the baby, instigating fights with the bf. I can understand not being happy with yourself but there’s alone when a baby is involved and she crossed it long before I did anything wrong.

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