Krystle Gadsden And James Wells – Charleston, South Carolina Men


To start, I was 27, met this guy at my job fell in love at first sight. He worked there for about 5 months before we had approached each other, this was Dec 26, 2004. We had discussions about family & life & I found out he was 19 but that didn’t bother me. He was so grown for his age. He told me he had one child, no others. On Feb 10, 2005 we moved into a home together. Then at the end of the month he hadn’t come home one night. He said he had gotten caught up with some friends who just came into town. I found this odd as he didn’t have many friends or even spoke of any. But I let it pass. Three days after that he says, remember the other night when I didn’t come home. I said yes. He replied I didn’t have friends that came out of town. I was at the hospital because my second son was born. Now, I had no idea that a female was even pregnant with a baby of his. I called James, as that’s his name, his mother to congradulate her. She asked what was I talking about. It turns out the girl, Krystle Marie Gadsden, had never met any of James’ family or friends. No one knew about this girl so I didn’t grel so bad being lied too, I wasn’t the only one. A few months later I went away for the weekend & James stayed home to work. He apparently went over to Krystles house & got het pregnant again but this time it was with twins. When I found out I was at work, as she called me & told me she was then 3 months pregnant with his twins. I lost it. I went home after work & while vomiting & crying profusely in the shower with all my clothes on, James came in our bathroom with his mother on the phone, him crying to telling his mother he didn’t want the kids, he didn’t eant to be with Krystle & he was so sorry for doing this to me. I undressed in the shower while on the phone with his mother & him standing outside of the tub trying to hold me & apologize. That was in 2005. Krystle, while pregnant kept pleading with James to be a family with her & their kids. But she was a piece of side ass, James even used to tell everyone at work after she got pregnant with the twins that she had a big butt and a smile and that’s all it was. Now, she more than a big butt and not a nice smile. Anyway James declined & said he wasn’t leaving me to be with her. So she got mad & being the military brat she is, moved from MD to MA while she was pregnant. She refused to let James have ANY type of relationship with his kids unless they were together. So he didn’t see his kids for a total of 10+ yrs. My son is 8 now & just found out about his siblings last year! So throughout the 10 yrs, it turns out this skank moved all over the Eastern Seaboard, ending up back in her birthplace of Charleston, SC. Where she is now. Over the 10yrs, James and I had a beautiful mixed child, only one in his family. And yes my son is treated differently but I don’t care, he’s mine. But James and I had several falling outs & were engaged twice! In Dec of 2014, James told our then 6yr old that he was ready to get himself together & be the dad our son wanted & the man I was waiting for. I supported him in everything and even though we had rough times I was always loyal and there when he needed. So in January of 2015, James finds his 3 middle kids. (Forgot he also has an older child born in 2002). I paid for plane ticket so he could see them. He comes back from his visit in SC & tells me he’s moving down there to be with Krystle after she kidnapped his kids for 10yrs, also slandered his name and character on the internet by labeling him a dead beat dad, which he wasn’t, she was being a mad little bitch & I have messages from her stating she was so liberated by not having him to tell her how to raise her kids for years. He moved in with her. It took 3 months before he was being up my phone wanting to come home. He even told our then 7yr he was coming home and he meant it this time. Three months went past & he was coming home in a day then ended up changing his mind. That happened every 3 months for 9 months. James then moves back up to MD. He was here for 20 hrs before he said to me, I left down there and my kids were away in GA. I told him he needed to be a man and go explain to his kids what’s going on. I supported him the whole way there. He got to SC & talked to Krystle for 4hrs. After 9 months of promising my son he was coming home & me, he changes his mind & says her & his kids need him. Since when? She was so independent & liberated for so long let her ass be. She claims to be a black queen. I’ve never known a proud black queen to wear wigs, tracks, everything else to change her appearance to seem more Caucasian than loving herself they way she made. Also he took my furniture and furnished her home. That’s not a queen. And… Her family knows nothing about my 8yr old son who is a sibling to her kids. She’s like a bad after school special or the girl they teach you not to be in school. She got pregnant by tricking James Wells & trapped him. That’s the saddest thing ive ever seen. Oh yea, forgot. The whole time James lived with Krystle. Not only did he pay half the bills and help out because they were cohabitating, she also had him on child support the whole damn time & he was paying arrears from when heoved down there with nasty MacGilla Gorilla, Precious twin looking ass.

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