Krystle Hockensmith – Denver, Colorado Colorado


She came in like a wrecking ball… Krystle Hockensmith… BOOM!! Shes the “poor me” … everyone owes her something, has an i.q. of 3, and shes got a turkey gizzard, yeah down there, and she used complain that toilet paper would get stuck and ball up in the flaps… I cant help but wonder if the extra skin, used to contain testicles… but she preys on these weak men, who like to party, hard, on the weekends, break them down, cuz, “you gone pay for these kids… ” and all of the bull shit I want to look like I have status. She’s tried out two of my dearest friends backseats, where she left the signature, Titanic, passionate, handprint down the window. This is not hollywood, youre a terrible actress, you clearly did not gradute from hair school, you are not tough hiding behind one affidavit after another, your man is running game of his own, “pearl” will never be a mazzaratti, your kids dont call you mom, if you were a good mom you wouldnt destroy the ones youre supposed to work with, if you were worth one penny you would own all of those things and quit throwing anyome who has ever made a mistake under the bus, if you were a woman that deserved your mans love and affection, you would cook, clean, get om your knees, finish one of the college programs youve started, instead of collecting financial aid, and immediately upon scoring that chunk of change, hurting your knee, your back, youre not fooling anyone toots. You deserve no sympathy, no support, no gas money, you don’t deserve a collect phone call. You think you’re untouchable cuz youre working for task force… youre disgusting. Youre sloppy, youre hurting everyone around you. I used to feel sorry for you, clearly you feel so empty and worthless, but no ome feels sorry for you. Rock bottom is a MF. When you hit that level, those rocks are gonna be searing hot coals… poof!!! Pssssssh… you knew the job was dangerous when you took it. Your best bet is to find the biggest, ugliest, bull dyke, on the yard and beg for protection. You are headed no where fast. The department of corrections, loves to make examples out of HOMEWRECKING, snitching, bulletproof, “trying to bes” like you. Youre a weak a$$, spread your legs, to trap, ratchet…. WITH BRACES. All of the hardworking women that dont let their men leave the house hungry, or horny…. must show… loads, their mother should have vomitted, on the back seats, of the cheap, honda, civics, they were made in. Foodstamps, child support, and parental alienation are not college degrees, I grew up in 5 points, helping my mom sell drugs to fuel her habit, I was lucky on the occasion when I slept in a motel full of roaches, and got to split a McDonalds cheeseburger with my brother. No one gives AF about your car parts and car life. Step out, and quit crying about your man yelling, at you, you ungrateful, dumb, hideous, car life, crusty scab.

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