Krystle Weeks – Platteville, Colorado Colorado


This chick Krystle weeks is just pathetic. She has hurt so many good people. She has a good man, she doesn’t work, she has slept with her whole street, she’s a horrible role model to her 8 kids, she thinks she’s some kind of gift to man kind, she thinks she’s super gangster and tough, she’s the epitome of ignorance and the fakest person I’ve ever met. You should rep who you are, not live one big lie, I’ve watched her be scandalous and fake for so long, but I caught her at my sisters house, knowing my sisters husband would be there alone, I asked her what she was doing there… “for a cup of sugar”… I watch her try to flirt with my man, nate, Josh, Jesus, Tim, Chris, Mike, and any guy that comes around. She’s helped put people in jail, and she’s a mom. She’s the biggest “wannabe” I’ve ever seen. I feel bad for her boyfriend, he’s gotta know how stupid he looks… I hope she gets a dose of karma soon, she’s destroyed so many things, and so many people, and she has not one good quality. It makes sick to see her parade around these car meets like she’s something special. News flash this is real life, the fast and furious is only a movie… that you are not in. You are a disgrace and disappointment to all of us, solid chicks out here, that know who we are, where we came from, and have enough respect for ourselves that we wouldn’t maintain a relationship with a man that looks like a clown for raising all the kids you have from other relationships, putting a roof over your all of your heads, clothes on their backs, food on the table, taking care your every need, not to mention, his mom takes care of the kids around there, she’s never once paid for, or been without a babysitter, before she was a professional drug addict, homewrecking snitch, she was a career student who dipped out on class as soon as she got her financial aid check, has 10 years in college and not a single degree or certificate. I hope the day that karma strikes, I have a front row seat. Warning: when that day comes and she’s left with nothing… is the day she quits taking her birth control and anyone with a bus pass to offer her, could be her next victim.

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