Kuwait Airways Review


Respected Concerned, I bought a ticket of Kuwait airways online from Islamabad to US. My reference number is S67WQI. The station manager Ms. Khadija of Kuwait Airways didn’t allow me to fly. According to her i had a visit visa and i could not fly having one way ticket. Even though i provided her my return itinerary which consists of Norwegian airline from New York to London and a PIA flight from London to Islamabad. But she said “we don’t have your itinerary in our system and you cannot fly without a return ticket having a visit visa”. I have been to US twice before and i have traveled to Europe as well. In short i have a very good travel history and this is the first and only time i faced such problem. The station Manager Ms. Khadija was rude and disrespectful. She told me to stand aside where I kept waiting for her reply for more than 90 minutes. On asking her again she threatened me that she would create a real problem for me at the US immigration and further said very bluntly that I was free to do anything that I could against her but she would not allow me to board the flight, which she proved. I told her that I will make a complaint against her, left the air port and came back home. I request the concerned authorities to look into the above said matter, and give me the relief and compensation that I deserve. Further it is requested that proper training shall be given to the airlines staff, such as Ms Khadija, to know how to deal with the passengers of Kuwait Airways. Regards Faisal Sikandar Reference No : S67WQI

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