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Complaint: I took my 2002 Mitisubishi Galant to Kwik Kar in Lewisville, Tx. I just purchased this car and it had 14000 miles on it. i went in for an oil change only. I was told that i needed new air filters, even though they didn’t look dirty to me. Then i was told that my oil was really dirty and that i needed an engine flush. the gut said it cost $79. I thought that was a lot of money. i had a 1998 plymouth breeze before this car with over 100,000 miles and i never needed an engine flush. He did not explain to me that this cost was seperate from the oil chage its self. i went in for a $26 oil change and ended up spending $127. I was hurt and felt taken advantage of. I talked to my dad and he said i had been ripped off. No way did my car need an engine flush. What really threw me for a loop was that i called one of my friends who use to work for Kwik Kar and explained my situation and he said i was totally ripped off. The guy was just trying to boost his ticket sale and took advantage of me since i was the only customer at the time. I am pissed and will never go to another Kwik Kar in my life and I am telling everyone I know not to either. Sandy arlington, TexasU.S.A.

Tags: Mechanics

Address: 1412 South Highway 121 Lewisville, Texas U.S.A.


Phone: 972-436-0877

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