L A W S International, Inc Casselberry Florida


Complaint: Do not work for this company. I was told what my hourly wage would be at the time of my hire. I soon found out from other employees that they do not even pay what they tell you. I spoke to my supervisor who back peddled his way out of the conversation and told me a different dollar amount. A bad deal at the beginning is bad through out, so I quit. Two weeks later I received a check for the two days I worked and was paid at minimum wage which is a dollar less than what I was told and two dollars less than what I was promised at the time of hire. It doesnt end there. To my surprise this company sent me out on a job without conducting a background or drug text. What kind of “security”” company sends out employees without verifying history. Then has the nerve to deduct $30 from my paycheck for the cost of the background and drug test (which again I never took). They tell employees to go to their office every Monday to pick up the schedule between 10am-2pm. I called no answers

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Address: stopped by and nobody was even there. Then they have the nerve to say I never picked up my schedule. I called various times during the week

Website: there are reputable companies out there and this is not one of them.”

Phone: phone was finally answered told I would be called back with a schedule. No call back. Called again the next day was told they might have a spot for the weekend and would be called back. No call back again

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