Lacy Nicole Devela – Puyallup, Washington Washington


Since Lacy Devela decided to be a home wrecking superstar, and I decided to do a little digging into this wreckers past. As it turns out from my court case search, not only does she enjoy stealing husbands, breaking up families, but let’s add expert at manipulating the legal justice system. It should be noted, her other hobbies include: stealing money from family, filing false police reports whenever she’s about to go down, insurance fraud and DSHS fraud. Somehow good character and morals missed this mega gold digger. Lacy Devela also didn’t mind getting married while she was still married to her previous husband. Here are a few quoted highlights from her public record case search: Police detective said “ I interviewed Lacy Devela and was surprised that an individual could cry for as a long period of time as Lacy Devela did.” Same police report ”Employee Lacy Devela used her access to checking accounts to generate checks which she gave to “blank and blank” to cash. A total of $43,730 was withdrawn from various home owner association accounts.” More highlights from the 37 page police report regarding how Lacy Devela used the money “Other expenses I have been advised of during this investigation include breast implants. This expense has been advised by several different sources. An image of Lacy sitting on the couch with her child pointing to her breast has been presented in this file.“ This low life cheating scum will drag you down with her, and you won’t even know you’re being used. Just when you think the little cancer is going away, she will be back with falsified documents to get out of trouble. If this were a game of Monopoly, Lacy Devela would have her own personal stack of Get out of Jail Free cards up her sleeve, but of course she didn’t make them, “blank and blank” did and she was only holding onto them.

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