Ladies of Ubiquita Manhattan New York Review


We are posting this as a warning to all club owners, promoters, talent buyers and bookers. Do not book this group! You will be ripped off!Their “manager”” Kimberly Knox is an incompetent liar and con artist! She will pitch you with all kinds of fabulous ideas and promises and not deliver on any of them. This is a fly by night operation! They promise an “”urban

cutting edge

crowd”” and will deliver an empty room! They will promise to promote the event and won’t do anything. They will promise a packed house and nobody will show up. They will make unreasonable

celebrity like demands and not deliver!The only thing Kimberly Knox and The Ladies of Ubiquita are good at is making excuses.The only thing you will get is a hefty bill

an empty room and an empty cash register. Ladies of Ubiquita is a joke!”

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