Lady Footlocker Eugene Oregon Review


I have purchased my shoes from Lady Footlocker exclusively for over four years. I buy the Asics Gel Nimbus’ ever year when they release their new models. In early June, I placed an online order for the Gel Nimbus 18. Within a few days I received an email stating that they were being prepared for shipping and I would receive an email with my tracking number. I waited about four days and then contacted them because I had not received the email and the rep said there was some error and they were never shipped but that he would correct that.I got my shoes four days later and they were the wrong size. Since I shop with them so much, I didn’t really get upset and just set up to ship them back and get the correct size sent out. Over a month ago I received a similar email as the first time saying my shoes were in stock and ready to ship, and that I would get an email with a tracking number. I waited ten days and after no email I sent them an email asking what was going on. They had told me that they did not have those shoes in my size, and that they were back ordered until the end of August. They gave me the option for a refund and I accepted. I was sent an email stating that I would have my refund within five business days. Fourteen days later, no refund. I sent them an email asking why I had not received my refund and the rep stated that there was none issued, and that they would go ahead and issue the refund. I was very upset at this point, considering this had marked five weeks since my original order and I had no shoes and did not have my money back. I had been extremely understanding up until this point, even with the multiple times that they had said my shoes were ready to ship when they in fact were not. I emailed back stating that it was a problem at this point, that I had expected my refund (per their representatives) over a week prior and due to their error in not cancelling in the first place, I had recurring monthly charges coming from my bank account which were also causing overdraft fees because I had expected my $127 back by that point. I was extremely frustrated and I expressed that, respectfully. The emails I received after were very condescending and assumed absolutely no responsibility for what was going on. Finally a rep did state that due to their error, the order was not cancelled when they told me it would be. Even then, they did not apologize and just said the cancellation would be initiated at that point. I asked multiple times through these interactions to have my concern escalated because I was getting nowhere with them. After asking four times, they escalated it and whichever department they had email me back said they were going to email me a $25 gift code. I found this to be extremely frustrating and pretty disrespectful considering everything I had experienced due to their errors. I spend upwards of $400 per year with this company and in this one experience they had emailed on two different occasions that my order was ready when it was not, said they were cancelling the order when they did not, said they were refunding me when they never even initiated a refund and also sent the wrong size. I did not want a $25 gift certificate because at this point I am pretty sure I will never spend another dollar with them again. All I wanted was for someone to take responsibility, apologize… anything. My bank account is in turmoil and a small discount on shoes isn’t going to fix any of this. This has been an absolute nightmare. I very rarely complain especially considering I have spent many years in customer service myself. Usually when I have an issue with a company, I am very understanding that things happen and I am always very patient in getting such things resolved. This issue and the weeks and weeks I have spent trying to get it taken care of have driven me to tears. I really feel like people need to know and watch out for this company.. at least their website and email/online customer service. Save yourself the headache and frustration, buy your shoes/athletic clothes elsewhere.

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