Lakesha Hayes


My passion is helping individuals gain self-fulfillment, growth and happiness throughout this journey of life. In life challenges may arise where you experience self-doubt, unhealthy habits or trauma. I am here to help you overcome these challenges by using a holistic approach focusing on your cognitions and the impact they have on your behavior. If you are looking to make healthy changes and overcome past struggles today is a great day to get started. I provide in office sessions and recently added telehealth services via live video sessions (adults only). My training in Play Therapy, Adoption and Parenting Issues allows me the privilege to connect and work with children as young as 2 years old. I have worked in the area of guiding children through the process of learning social, emotional and behavioral skills necessary for higher functioning over the past 6 years as a counselor.No matter the age, if you have experienced trauma and are ready to regain control over your life I can help. I am trained in EMDR and use this approach to help individuals reprocess their negative experiences. From new college student to struggling parent in need of help, help is here! My goal is to help improve your overall quality of life.

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