This website is a total scam! Do not buy from this site, they don’t honor returns and the dresses do not look as they are pictured. | Worst dress ever! | The dress I bought looks completely different than the picture. It’s like an antique tan with white lace, there’s no shine or shimmer to it whatsoever and it looks poor quality. There are 2 huge saucer sized bulky stalk white pads permanently sewn into the breast area of the dress in front of the tan slip, so they show right through the see thru tulle. Why!?! They look ridiculous and make the dress look deformed! I cannot tell if the dress in the site picture has any type of front pads, but I can guarantee if they do, they look nothing like what I received. Their response to the dress not being wearable is that they disagree and it’s unfair to blame them as the dress looks good enough. My friends an family were so shocked at dresses appeareance that the nicest response I received was from a freind that said, “maybe we can try to fix it.” | The customer service for the site is pathetic. I was insulted multiple times by a very rude representative telling me they will not honor my return, I need to be “patient” and use “common sense” that dresses will look different than pictured, and that I should give the dress to a friend or sell it locally in lieu of refund. | Do not deal with this Lala Mira! I am in an active dispute with PayPal.

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