Lanae Rice – St. Louis, Missouri Missouri


I been knowing this bitch for over 20 years and to my surprise she been sleeping with my husband of 18yrs for the last 10years I recently caught him leaving her apt at 2am Dec 14 2016 and the crazy thing is she worked for me worked with me everyday for months and all the time she’s tell me she think he’s cheating on me with another women and the bitch knew alone that she was the other women ……she had nothing with our the help of me and my family we took her in when she had no one else to help her we both have 2 daughters their the same age and our youngest girls are best friends this has really destroyed our family. Since this has happened my soon to be ex husband has try to reach out to me but nope I’m done they belong together 2 nothing’s with nothing. I’m done but what I do know karma is a bitch loser Ass bitches.

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