Lance Campers Redlands Ca


Complaint: This is a similar complaint as one filed 1/2/02 against Lance Campers of Lancaster CA. I have tried to find out by e-mail and by phone what trucks can carry what campers in the Lance line. They have been very evasive, terse, unhelpful, and I have begun to wonder what they are hiding. Are their campers so heavy that most trucks have to be modified to carry them? Are they circumventing road laws and advising off-the-record how to make non-legal trucks able to carry their campers? Be very wary of a company that won’t e-mail information or give you anything in writing but want only verbal informational exchanges!! Randy Redlands California Click here to read other Ripoff Scamss on Lance Campers

Tags: RV Dealers

Address: Lancaster, California U.S.A.



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