Landmark Escrow Northridge Alabama Review


Since they had my review removed I will do my best to draw a picture to everyone how shady this escrow company is. I can image how many other reviews they have had removed. In mid April I made an offer on a house in Granada Hills. It was being sold by an offer agent named John Mazziotta (who I have already reviewed) mid April of 2017 I entered escrow for home purchase in Granada Hills, CA. The sellers agent was good friends with a unprofessional associate at Landmark Escrow named Victor. Victor was suppose to open escrow the day following the acceptance of our offer, yet him and John decided to hold of. This in turn delayed me getting an escrow number and documents for me to begin my loan. After about a week of hassling them to simply open escrow, we received escrow instructions on a Friday at 4:52PM. Once I had started my loan it was already almost two weeks after the acceptance of the offer. (The documents from escrow didn’t arrived until a week after that) Once I had everything finally handled, It was almost 3 weeks since I had my offer accepted. This gave the awful real estate agent John the idea to send me a removal of contingency. This whole move by John and Victor was done on purpose to take my deposit. They gave me limited time to complete my loan, yet kept pressuring me to remove contingencies. Victor began sending cancellation notices, and threatening to cancel escrow. (keep in mind escrow is not suppose to be one sided. It is paid by both parties, and both parties must be represented. Yet Landmark escrow was in bed with John and Remax and refused to listen or help. To make matters worse, Kim stopped answering my phone calls and stopped working with my loan officer to complete my loan. Akira Cisneros who was answering my phone calls started calling herself “Adela”” in an attempt to hide her identity. All in all

this is a awful escrow company to deal with

they will side with the people the know and refuse to help you

even if it means they have to run an illegal operation. They will fraudulent misrepresent you. They will work on behalf of the agent instead of being helpful. Victor

Kim and Akira will never change and they will remain immoral and unprofessional. For that reason I will be sure to tell all agents and customers to stay away from them. They will do their best to remove yelp reviews

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