Lara Macaraeg – Carson, California California


This is my husband’s mistress, Lara Macaraeg. She is in her 40’s and has a 10-year-old autistic son, born out of wedlock because she had an affair – with a Catholic priest. (Yes, you read that right!) She currently lives at Dolores Street and 233rd Street in the city of Carson, near Scott Park. She only moved to California in 2014 and is originally from a town named, Malasiqui in the western Luzon area of Pangasinan in the Philippines. She is a nursing graduate from Lyceum Northern Luzon in Urdaneta, and also went to Our Lady of Fatima University (Class of 1999) and Malasiqui Catholic School. Ever since I’ve met her, I would notice her flirtatious ways with my husband, but I brushed it off, giving her the benefit of the doubt. However, the day she moved to California proved to be the biggest challenge to my marriage. I opened my home to her, assisted her when she was a newcomer to this country, and trusted her with the friendship we had already established since before her arrival. But then I would notice little things.. My husband would be on his phone more and more. He would be gone throughout the day on his days off. Every time I come into the room, he would get startled as if hiding something, and act suspiciously. And then one day after he called me on the telephone, he forgot to hang up.. and there was her voice as I listened in, they were having a very personal conversation, calling him “baby” and talking as if they’d been together on a regular basis. So then I decided to follow him for a few days. And wow, to my surprise they were together. Needless to say, I am fully aware of the sexual relationship they claim to had agreed upon – my husband admits, it was “only sex,” that she consented to this “no strings attached” fling, which I realized began shortly after she moved here. Personally, I have no shame in exposing Lara to the world. I mean, she has NO SHAME in sleeping around or developing interest in a married man. She has no shame in affecting her son’s well-being (as he is in the other room playing, guess what she’s doing in her bedroom). She has no shame in spitting on her family name, and may I also add, spitting on her own self-respect. It was bad enough that she seduced (and is still in a relationship with) a clergy member – AND gave birth to a son that is probably the way he is BECAUSE of her sinful ways. Also, too bad that she pretty much soiled her professionalism (to say the least), since she is an aspiring nurse. Yes, people make mistakes, BUT cheating on people is usually a conscious choice that is made. She cheated herself, her son, her family, and her own priest-man. So to all the “Lara Macaraeg’s” of the world, be more careful in choosing which man you seduce – you may regret meeting his wife.

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