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I filled out an Internet pre approval. I was called by Kim and told I was approved with no money down, over 1800 cars that I qualify and could choose from, all I had to do was bring paystubs, utility bill, driver license. I told her I work two jobs and I could not give her an exact time I could come in. She called, texted and emailed once and twice per day insisting I come, I told her I would try but no guarantee. She even called one day and repremanded me for not calling to let anyone know I couldn’t keep my “appointment? ” what appointment? I never made one. Anyway I finally went with all my information and Phil came and told me dj wod help me pick a car because they had several I could choose from both new and used. After getting all my info dj said come outside and choose what Color mirage I wanted 2015. I asked him where are the used cars and he said I can’t have a used one only the mirage. Then they wanted me to sign papers saying I would buy the mirage that night and I said no I want to shop around. He told me he would find other used cars to choose from and I have not heard one peep. Plus they wanted $1000 down not zero as I was promised on the phone. After so much harassment to come in now suddenly nothing because I don’t have perfect credit. Phil was condescending, they lied and harassed me when in fact they can not deliver on their word. My boyfriend wanted to buy a car cash that same day and they never even asked him his name… very rude. There loss we both got vehicles elsewhere, I can not recommend larry jay. Run as fast as you can from them. Im one to give credit and great reviews when warranted, this is not one of those times. These people lie and they do not deliver. .

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