Larson Financial Group Review


This is so funny Larson is a total rip off and they will do anything to get your money that is no joke! When I started there I was trained to lie by Jack Larson, Jen Martin and the rest of those jokers!! All they want is money they could care less if your taxes get taken care of!! They do hire felons! They do not have background checks and the owners and supervisors do drugs with the employees WOW this is sure not a company that I would give any info too!! They even lied for me and saaid I was only working part time so I could continue to receive government benefits! Thank goodness for me but watch out they will get you in the long run. There is a reason that VIC left the company and it was for nothing but the good he was one of the only good men in there and now they have nothing. I hope you do not give them your money!! .

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