Lashika Speed – Buffalo, New York New York


This girl Lashika Speed knowingly slept with my man and GOT PREGNANT, or was already pregnant and is trying to trap him while still sleeping with her baby father. She likes to target men she works with. She knew we had a 6 going on 7 year relationship and still spread her legs. Although there are plenty of fish in the sea, she picked my fish and fell head over heels for him even though she has no shot at what we have. If your man ever works with this girl make him quit because she is a homewrecker and a hoe and don’t care about whose family she is fucking up in the process of getting her rocks off. Thank you Lashika for ruining the holidays for me, Dametri, our children and especially our 2 year old twin boys. Karmas a b**** and it will come to you!!

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