LaStrada Ristorante Lake in the Hills Illinois


Complaint: After thoroughly checking out restaurants in the area, we decided to book our son’s Rehearsal Dinner for Thursday evening, July 16th, 2009. We gave manager Michael Mormondo a required $200 deposit in March to reserve this date. We also had gone to LaStrada twice after this time with guests to check out the menu, try different entres to help with our picks for the food for our scheduled event, spending over $100 each occasion, plus had already purchased, printed and mailed out invitations, only to receive an e-mail from Mr. Mormondo dated Thursday, June 18th stating that our reservation had been cancelled due to “circumstances beyond their control”” that they were no longer open

Tags: Restaurants

Address: sorry for the inconvenience. I promptly replied to his e-mail

Website: June 20th to find a black Lincoln Navigator with LSTRADA plates parked behind the building

Phone: also sent a copy to Matthew Allsup and Kathy Stevens

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