LaTanya Melton – Newport News, Virginia Virginia


Here we Have a Desperate Horeb named LaTanya Melton. She use to work at the same call center my man works. So she is well aware we were togeather because she would see me and our kids almost daily when we picked him up. I found out about it by coming across a video she allowed him To take of her…of course I found it. I told hi. He can go be with her but he pleaded that it was a mistake and that he don’t want her. Of course I told him if he wants us moving forward he can no longer with her or any other of course. He agreed. I sent her a screen shots of her infamous in counter with my man of 15yrs on fb direct message. Just to let her know I’m aware of what’s going on. Again…my problem is with him. My words are really for him. True she knew and she is obviously a.low life especially cheating on her husband. But I could care less about her. Her husband even contacted me crying and in disbelief his wife would do such a thing. He even had the nerves to ask me what happened should do. I explained to him that I couldn’t tell him. I knew that my man and I shared alot of wonderful times and honestly he never disrespected me or cheated till now and that moving forward he must honor me. I also explained to this husband of hers that she is a woman. As a woman an man can’t enter unless she allows and the fact that she is married confirms the kind of woman she is. I don’t see how he will ever respect her. She is low class.

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