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8/7/2017 I replied in a survey from Sam’s Club with a reward for a watch (looked like a Fit-Bit). Cost for SH only was $6.99. The watch I received was nowhere near what I had chosen. Called customer service (Leon). She promised to send the right watch in 3-5 days and I could keep the one they sent. 9/1/2017 Called customer service (Amy). ” .. charge declined. (I called my credit card company)

watch was shipped. Case closed.”” She hung up. 10/2/2017 Sent another watch (not ordered) and charged $99.98 on credit card. 11/3/2017 Sent another watch (not ordered) and charged $99.98 on credit card. 11/10/2017 Called customer service (Kerri). Said I was obligated to a monthly subscription of watches when I received the reward & paid SH of $6.99. I was totally unaware of this and complained of the almost $200 paid for watches I did not order or want. She said I could give them as gifts. NO refund was possible. I could cancel the subscription and she gave me a cancellation #. Hard lesson to learn.”

6312 SW Capitol Hwy #421 Portland, Oregon United States


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