Laura Boucher – Lexington, Kentucky Kentucky


This girl is a scorned jealous person who wants to make it out like I’m the bad person when she was cheating on her husband and left him and he pursued me. He’s blowing smoke up her long face to make himself look better and so funny how she’s back with him after her post about him cheating and beating her. Seems to me that she is the one that wants attention. SHE was the cheater!! She left her husband to go back to her children’s father. She let her baby die because she locked her in the bed room when the baby was supposed to be under 24 hour supervision to go out and party and come back to find a dead baby girl. I think karma is the one that’s gonna bite her in the ass; not me. She’s a low life trailer park trash little girl that will do anything to make herself feel better about herself. Steer clear from this chick! Nothing but drama and trouble. Gotta love jealous little girls!!! ??? Sorry you left your husband sweetie just to end up back with him after bashing his name as well all over the internet. Get a life bitch.

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