Laura Fegan (Amirault) – Manchester, New Hampshire New Hampshire


This manipulative woman came in to our lives about 4 yrs ago. She had gone to high school with my husband and hit him up on FB. I felt funny about her from the start but trusted my husband. Then I met her and trusted her because she was my friend, biggest mistake of my life. My husband did tons of free work on her house. I didn’t complain because she was a single mom who needed help. And because she was my friend. I loved her and her daughter and accepted them both completely in to my life. We hung out, went to events together etc. I truly believed we were close friends and that she loved me too. Boy was I foolish. There were signs I should have paid attention to about how Coniving and manipulative she was. Like cozying up to, kissing and flirting with someone to get him to watch her dog, cozying up to another person doing her mortgage and talking about how she enjoyed toying with him before that. The relationship she tanked with her exhusband’s best friend, 2 marriages, Sleeping with my husbands employee on our living room floor while her daughter was upstairs. But I didn’t put it all together till after the fact when other people starting pointing these things out as reasons they never trusted her. Last year I noticed she was messaging my husband a lot. Saying things like I encourage you to lean on me, and I’m here for you. I felt like it was innapropriate but didn’t say anything. Then in the late winter she started messaging him everyday first thing in the morning. Good Morning, it’s time to get up etc. Again I felt weird but I trusted both of them so said nothing. In late April I went away on a trip. The day after I left she invited him up on what turned out to be a date. After going to a bar she invited him in to her house where they did God knows what. || They continued the affair, her coming to my house, sitting with me, planning trips etc. Her behavior was normal, she is a fantastic liar. My husbands however was odd only when she was around. Suspicious I checked their messages to find d them completely deleted. I burst in to tears. Then I checked the phone records where I saw she was calling him every morning, and multiple times a day. I Confronted my husband who informed me of the affair. The next night he went to see her leaving me to wonder if he was dead or alive all night, as he never came home. After that night he was firm, our marriage was over. I tried appealing to her but instead she used her “appology” to write him a love letter (I made it so he could see all communication so she wouldn’t lie about what I said) She said she had always been in love with him, and had had to tell him how she felt, she couldn’t stuff it down. She said other things like how he was the master of her house, and she’d go to hell for him. Words that were very intoxicating to him. She knew just what to say and how to lure him in. I am now divorced and forced to move cross country. My now exhusband is a shadow of himself. Her Frankenstein’s monster. I am sure she will use him up and tire of him soon enough. But it’s too late for me. I feel bad for her kid, having her as a mother. If she comes in to your life, run. She is manipulative, lacking in morals and fundamentally broken. I truly believed she was my friend, and she destroyed my life.

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