Laura Levine – Pompano Beach, Florida Florida


Doesn’t matter how much money you have, it can’t spin the truth. This self-proclaimed “Jewish Princess” is Laura Levine. I’ve known her since elementary school and at one point was friends with her. She began working with my now ex-boyfriend. Practically from the beginning, when she started working with him, I knew something was up. She started “liking” EVERYTHING on his facebook and made it quite obvious, there was something more than them just being coworkers. I eventually came across a receipt from a liquor store that was a block from where she lived ( we lived 30 mins from her) and had my proof. Even though we were together for over 8 years, she didn’t care and just wanted someone to spend the holidays with as it was her loneliest time of year. My ex confessed quite a bit about her and he told me he was actually afraid of her, and had to be nice as he tried to break it off. We are officially no longer together and he lives in another state. But ladies beware, she loves muscles, tattoos and flaunting her money. The holidays are coming up and she will be alone again!!!

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