Laura Lynn Ziller – Grandview, Missouri Missouri


So two months after his baby was born, Laura Lynn Ziller decided that it was time to persue this father and take him away from his fiancÚ and daughter. Once she decided it was ok to enable and encourage him to cheat on his fiancÚ, she immediately had him move in with her under the guise that he’d have his own room. That was a lie. They were sleeping in the same bed together the day he left his fiancÚ. The worst part is that now, mom is stuck with a rent she can’t afford and has to go into debt and be inevitably evicted. She doesn’t care. She only cares about herself. Even after he continued to go back and hook up with his ex-fiancÚ repeatedly she still wants to keep him around. You would think that someone who has been cheated on repeatedly (as Laura has) would have the moral compass to know that it’s wrong, especially with the father of someone’s child. But not Laura. This woman is absolute scum. Avoid her at all costs and keep her away from your man or Miss MooCow might try and snatch him away from his family.

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