Laura McClure Seeking Arrangement Alert Review


My time is valuable and one thing that turns me off is dealing with women who give the good woman in this world a bad name. That has been on my mind ever since I met with Laura McClure. She is using fake postings online with Seeking Arrangement and that should have been the first red flag. When she returns your email she writes back as the fake person and says; you should meet my friend Laura. That is how my introduction started with Laura McClure. I fell for the bait and we started talking on the phone which resulted in us making arrangements to meet. I drove to Roswell and picked her up at her home and we went to grab some lunch. During our conversation she told me that she had a severe brain injury a few years ago and she doesnít have any family. My heart started feeling sorry for her until she switched the conversation and started talking about the type of arrangement she is looking for with someone. I thought for someone that was talking about a tragedy in her life and then instantly turned on the dime to tell me how much money is required for her companionship. Then she started telling me that she has herpes. All of this in less than 20 minutes of conversation. This put up many red flags. This time I said to myself something is wrong here. I dropped her back at her home and thought either this woman has had some severe tragedy in her life or she understands how to get what she wants with men. I realized after checking online and with the Cobb County Clerk of Court that the things stated about Laura McClure online is accurate. I started to be curious so I located Robert MacPherson whom she was in a relationship with for 2 years and just ended less than a month ago. He wasnít very helpful but laughed when I asked if Laura was in an accident that caused a severe brain injury. His response was that I am not the only guy she is telling that lie and itís the games she likes playing with men. He also told me that she has a hard time telling the truth, and that she needs professional help. You can say what you want about Seeking Arrangement but the fact that woman like her exist need to be exposed. .

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