Laura Ulreich – Kansas City, Texas Texas


This one does not get it. He is using her. Shawn is married and has numerous mental disorders and addictions which he is hiding but not for long. He can’t survive on his own.. He is using this homely disgusting thing for a place to live because he is a train wreck. She must know that only desperate women get with married men. Laura is a sad excuse for a female. Trying to hurt a married woman she doesn’t even know and doesn’t realize what this guy is doing to her while he is with others behind her back. Well karma is getting her good as I speak. She doesn’t know pain but she will when he is finished with her. That’s all she will get. No one else wants her so she has to be used by this guy who is miserable with her but needs a place to live. That’s all she is good for. Housing. She must realize this.

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