Laura Ulreich – St. Louis, Missouri Missouri


Laura Ulreich is still living with this mentally ill man named Shawn. He cannot live on his own and his wife has had enough abuse from him to last a life time. This nasty woman truly believes that she has done no wrong and thinks that she is helping this sick covert. She doesn’t have a clue that He is simply using her to survive. That is it! He even willingly said so himself that he was using her until he can hook more supply. Surely she doesn’t think that he really cares for and loves her. LMAO. She is so homely and pathetic. A real boozer and and enjoys every minute of being a lush and a homewrecking whore. It will not last long as she has got to know that she is just a temporary side chick to a sick man who doesn’t have the cognitive ability to think and behave like normal people due to his many mental disorders and addictions. She really needs to find someone that will love and care for HER and not HER home and money. Your being used physic!!! Get a grip on reality

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