laurel mountain mustang / kevin bessemer Pennsylvania


Complaint: there isnt much to say for a company that takes adantage of customer honesty. i have puchaces thousands of dollars worth of restoration parts from laurel mountain mustang over the past few years and never though i would get hung untill last spring 2015 it was a little concerning when parts quaility was failing, then not to be able to get funds back after returning bad parts . being told i was to get in store credit . well here it is the end of 2015 and after calling for weeks and getting no answer, the phone is completly shut off. no emails response, to only to dive 2 hrs to the store and find it closed down. the house where kevin lived behind shop vacant but still had electric. no sign of employees or any written notes on doors or windows of how to contact them or information on how to recoop my instore credit balance. $1800 is there any one else who has info on law suits or lawyers dealing with customers in my same position with kevin and laurel mountain mustang please respond

Tags: Auto Parts

Address: ruffsdale , Pennsylvania USA


Phone: 7246969665

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