Lauren Buntin Clarke – Magnolia, Texas Texas


Meet Lauren Buntin-Clarke…she dropped her baby daddy in the grease because she was, ” too young to deal with a man with health issues” after he suffered through multiple stokes. She went on to take him to bars after said strokes to drink and smoke while picking up married men and sleeping with them in her classroom, on school campus, in parks and baseball fields. She has no shame being seen all over small town Magnolia with numerous married men all the while teaching young children and claiming to be a woman of God and paving the way of the youth. She doesn’t have a warm bone in her body unless it’s to get another woman’s husband off. She loves attention and doesn’t care who she hurts to get it. She leaves her children as young as a year old home alone all hours of the night to meet men wherever and stays out in bars….she’s definitely not a role model and I wouldn’t let my children near her if I were you…She obviusoly isn’t that attractive but when a man is drink and lonely he will take what he can get….

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