Lauren Kuffel – Corpus Christi, Texas Texas


Lauren Kuffel has been reported in similar websites since 2013. Bad apples like her don’t change. It is 2016 and Lauren Kuffel from Corpus Christi TX is still the same scumbag. Lauren Kuffel is obsessed with married men…did I mention while she IS IN ANOTHER RELATIONSHIP. So it’s not good enough for her to cheat, but she is so evil that she will cheat with married men. She can turn into a psycho. If you see 361 8*5 9619 just ignore!!! Be prepared to get naked pictures from her. She does not care sending them over to him, to her, as long as she is breaking someone else’s relationship, regardless of being children involved. She will do anything to harass and torment the other woman, and God forbid the man says no….she will flip out and ruin his life until he has no family, no job, NOTHING! She is a disgrace to the U.S. Army, reason for which she is being kicked out!! Beware Ft. Benning, Georgia families, especially decent Army wives, since she has living there since the summer of 2016.

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