Lauren Quinn – Warminster, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania


She is a w**** who sends messages to men she knows are in relationships but doesn’t care. She keeps sending them even if the guy doesn’t reply, my boyfriend ignored her attempt to hook up yet she still tried over and over and over again. She got lucky and one night after we had a fight she sent him a message to which he replied. Looked like after talking for a while she got her dirty claws in him since he left our house at 1 am in the morning to go meet up with her a bar, luckily for me the stupid s*** left with some other guy and didn’t even see my boyfriend showed up there. Thankfully or I might have ended up with herpes or god knows what else this dirty **** has. Watch out if you see this bitch she does not care if they are married, she will keep trying to screw them until she does, it is a game to her. Ruining other peoples lives is a game to her and she thinks it is funny that she broke up our family and destroyed the last 10 years of my life. She is lucky I have a young daughter and can’t risk going to jail… Be warned everyone this one is a very very dirty and sneaky!

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