Laurie Ann Campbell – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Oklahoma


This is Laurie Ann Campbell. She is the Adulterous woman sleeping with My HUSBAND… Both of them tried to get a VPO on me twice… Both times the Judges laughed and Told Don that he is MARRIED to me. I would never of known her name if it weren’t for Psycho Don my Husband. Then the Stupid Bitch posted a selfie in My living room. So I’m posting these pictures of her and her Family. The reason why is because she thinks that she can claim my life. She is using MY things an living in my house. EVERYTHING I’ve already touched…Including Don…LOL… His Mind Broke and he’s really lost it. She’s Catholic she can say as many Hail Marys as she wants she is still an Adulterer no matter how you color it. They can play all the games they want together but the Truth is the Truth. Both have told out right lies on me and it’s come back to bite both of them. I have proof of both of them wanting to kill me and threats on my life by them. I can’t believe that she believes his lies but he is good with them I must say. I use to ask him… Who am I speaking with now? Cause I never knew which one of his personalities I was talking to. I do hope that her eyes will open and she will see the Truth… But I’m still Posting this cause I’m Not Gonna Let Them Win!!! Cause twenty-five years ago God put Donny an I TOGETHER… A part of me still feels this way… Funny thing neither of us will Divorce the other…..An that is were Miss Laurie Loses…

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