Laurie C. Love – Kirtland, Ohio Ohio


What a girl. This one thinks it’s okay to sleep around and fraternize with an older, married professor. Several times throughout the semester, we have seen her bringing a married professor’s motorcycle helmet to class. She has been spotted getting on the same motorcycle and leaving campus together after class. She has also been seen around town standing in line at restaurants with his hands all over her butt. She posted pictures of their recent trip to Canada online and they are now planning a speculated “honeymoon” trip to Belize via the class she is currently enrolled in- with him as her current professor. She has destroyed a beautiful family of two young children and a 14 year marriage. Laurie is a selfish, insecure homewrecker. She took two young children away from their father in order to be with “her love”. Not to mention, disturbed her fellow classmates. This girl has serious problems and thinks that she can sleep around in order to gain advantage over her fellow students and doesn’t care whose family she wrecks. There are two young children involved that now have to go to sleep every night without their father. She is disgusting, immoral and should take a trip to church instead of sneaking around with her current professor who is married.

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