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Complaint: Be very cautious. This guy completely ripped me off. Set me back 6 months in my case. Never truly seemed to have a grasp of the case. Mis-filed legal forms. Sided with opposing counsel. Basically completely failed to act in my behalf. Excuse after excuse was offered, but no results were received.Just started his own law firm in the spring of 2011, and is in way over his head. I tried to be patient, but after 6 months of not doing anything except billing me for emails and phone calls in which I was trying to learn of his progress with the case he finally bailed when he failed to meet another deadline.Over 3 weeks after full payment to get a written order to file with the court which I had to hand deliver myself due to his vacation. He wrote the motion incorrectly and landed me in a conciliation process, and then being fully aware of my position he continued to negotiate with opposing counsel against my request.He never completed the first 3 things required of him, and lied completely about filing a motion by the end of October 2011. He spent more time defending why he couldn’t communicate and being condescending in his responses to me than he did actually performing services he was hired for. I have other friends that have utilized his services and they have since told me that they had serious communication issues with David as well. Wish I would have known ahead of time that he was a waste of time and money.He will steal your money and offer excuse after excuse, but no results in your favor. Stay far away call someone else.

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Address: 18 South George Street Internet United States of America


Phone: (717) 845-9530 ?

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