Law Offices of David M. Schlachter, LLC Review


I hired David Schlachter to represent me in a foreclosure matter in 2015 he responded to the complaint accordingly and after that he did nothing he allowed the default of judgement to be entered with out responding to it telling me its part of the process and that a motion was on the table to be heard from the judge which was not the case. From the beginning i toldl him i wanted to keep my home and work on negotiating the validity of the mortgage and he agreed to. He postponed the sale date three times with no plan of action on how to retain the property until the last time and it sold at auction he called me studdering on the phone telling me he was trying to contact the judge and all along he did nothing of the sort. I would email him asking what are we doing to save the home, what are we doing on negotiating with the lender, he would answer two days later with one word reponses, one time he reponded to me “you must have the summer blue” now what kind of attorney does this..he is a liar unprofessional and a thieve he should be disbarred….

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